For Honor

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For honor..I have avoided reviewing this game for months. I have played it for PlayStation 4 and on the Xbox One X and I have to say I have dreaded reviewing this game. I know some people are going to review this game and say hell yea savior. I agree. Others are going to read this and say nah they fixed that. So I will say this. I played this from 3 days after launch until about a month later for PS4, then of XB1 I played it just last week. I have played this more than most people gave it the chance. I don’t even hate the game, quite the opposite actually. I am disappointed in how it was treated.

The game itself is simply beautiful. Regardless of system that can’t be denied, the game looks great. I never experienced any frame rate issues or any major glitches or anything of the sort. The sound was top notch, the controls worked fluidly and as it should have. Now some of you will be wondering, whats with that entire top paragraph. First and least of all, the grind or money required to unlock it all is in my opinion completely unreasonable, tho I don’t see it as pay to win. Skill and strategy can work wonders. My biggest issue? The matchmaking is one of the worst out there. I have waited double waited so long for matches people I was playing with have just said screw it and quit. People I know have some real patience for this sort of thing. If that wasn’t bad enough, many many times after that wait the game has simply disconnected.  Not just for me, teammates have been kicked mid match. Especially in that first month I don’t think I played a single game where a team had every member play the entire round.

Now to give credit where it is do it has come a long way and they are doing even more to fix it, but for me it is far to little and to late to bring me back. What should have been a game of the year contender has been turned into a laughing stock to many. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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