Alienate (2016)

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I am just going to be 100% honest with you. This movie is one of those movies that is a complete failure that could have been a damn good movie. The story is basically about a man obsessed with his work that leaves on a business trip pretty much as his marriage fails. The down side? There happens to be an alien invasion. Now He struggles to make his way home as the world falls apart. The invasion itself is pretty smartly done. While planes are knocked out of the sky and something is placed in the water to pacify the population people panic.

The down side is I am pretty sure this movie was made by a bunch of students that got some funding and new actors willing to work for free and experience. The acting wasn’t all that good, but that could be because the script itself was pretty lackluster. The special effects also left much to be desired. The movie it self pretty much served very little purpose except to exist. That being said, the movie has a lot of potential. The story had potential and with some time it and the characters could have been turned into something memorable and the invasion itself was one of the better thought out plans I have personally come across. In the end it is simply a B movie that may be worth checking out,but don’t expect a great or even a good flick. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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