Metropolis Restored (1927)

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First despite the title the actual name of the movie is simply Metropolis, I was watching a restored version. After doing some research apparently much of the original film was lost even when a complete version was actually found much of it was damaged beyond repair or use. It was actually pretty cool seeing what is considered the first true full feature science fiction movie tho “A Trip to The moon” by Georges Melies is also arguably the first. Regardless of that, on to Metropolis.

This movie is basically a silent film of the haves vs the have nots. The rich people living upstairs and the workers living underground keeping the machines working. I would say its a classic tale but really it is one of the first tales, about a robot used to take over someones life in order stop the revolution of the working class that the rich wanted to stop by any means necessary. This tale has been told many times over and over again and will be told probably until the end of time. If you are a fan of movie history, this one is on Netflix and you should really take the time to watch it. If you aren’t but just enjoy a movie with social commentary you should still check it out. Most people however won’t enjoy it. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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