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As requested, we begin our journey into the four classic Batman films with by far the best. In fact, I’d put Tim Burton’s first Batman film up there with one of the best adaptations of a superhero I can think of.

Gotham, a beautiful city by day but a crime infested hellhole at night. The police are corrupt or pretty ineffective against the crime bosses. But a bat stalks the night, taking down criminals. Eccentric Bruce Wayne by day and the menacing Batman at night he protects Gotham while evading the police. But a run in with mob enforcer Jack Napier with change his life as Jack falls into a vat of chemicals, emerging as his nemesis, Joker. Meanwhile reporter Vicky Vale is trying to uncover the bat’s secret identity but gets dragged into something bigger as we realized Batman and Joker have more history than we first thought….

This movie is a certifiable classic, being a damn good modern noir and a trend setter, influencing superhero films today. While the story is simple, the characters are flushed out and I love the dark tone of the movie. Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson are amazing as Batman and Joker; I’d say Nicholson is the most accurate portrayal of Joker we’ve had on screen to date. The setting is beautiful as well and the score is terrific.  Absolutely check this movie out. May the gaming gods bring you glory, while you dance with the devil in the pale moonlight.

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