Batman Returns

batman returns

For everything Burton’s first film did right, the sequel did wrong. But hey, its a Christmas movie, all being a unpleasant one.

So the movie opens on a jolly Christmas note, a couple of stuck up parents throw there deformed baby in the sewer…where he gets adopted by penguins and circus freaks. Ok. Well years later this baby grows up to be Penguin, leader of this gang of circus freaks. After Penguin takes slimy corporate mogul Max Shrek hostage, he uses his influence to gain backing to get a leg up in Gotham. On top of this, Shrek killed his mousy secretary Selena Kyle, who comes back from the dead as batshit insane but sexy Catwoman. So it’s up to Batman to deal with both sides of this weird ass equation…

Ok, as you can imagine, this movie is kinda a clusterf@ck of ideas and plot threads. In fact, for a movie called Batman Returns, I feel Batman is a background character. I don’t feel he is the primary focus and I can’t tell if the script sucked that bad or Keaton just said screw it and sleep walked through a lot of it.  Danny Devito and Michelle Pheiffer are pretty good as Penguin and Catwoman but the script gives them some awkward ass moments. As for the film itself, you can tell this is a Tim Burton film through and through, which kills a lot of the dark tone set by the first but tries making it goofier but tries being darker at the same time and its conflicting. As a final note, Penguin’s evil scheme at the very end is one of the lamest things I’ve ever heard. In the end, it’s ok to watch once but it’s something you will just forget. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


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