Batman and Robin

batman and robin

I’m not going to tell you this movies is good in the traditional way. In fact, if you aren’t younger than seven or you don’t like crappy movies, than don’t watch this. If you are drunk, or you enjoy shitty movies than this a must see.

So Batman and Robin go up against Mr. Freeze, a mutated cryo expert that wants to hold Gotham ransom to fund the research to save his frozen wife from a disease. Batman and Robin are at odds with each other, because Robin is impulsive and Batman is a control freak. Well besides Freeze, new seductive villainess Poison Ivy comes out with mind controlled droid of a dude named Bane. And Alfred’s dying and his niece Barbara is out to be with him. And…oh boy…

As a huge Batman fan, this movie is absolute ass. I mean if you try to look at it as reminiscent of the Adam West stuff, that will help a bit but all the puns will make you want to dive into a bottle of booze. Seriously, don’t drink to the puns in this movie- you will die of alcohol poisoning. I can’t think of one character I felt was actually done right. I do believe Schwarzenegger could have done alright as Mr Freeze if given a better script, but I don’t know anyone else that would agree with me. My most hated part of this is Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy- OMG she comes off as a plant fetish call girl hooker. Bane is offensively bad. George Clooney is hilariously bland as Batman. There’s a lot of over the top action and the look of everything is really over the top. Seriously, this movie pisses me off as a Batman film but I love it as a shitty movie, so it’s up to you to decide. May the gaming gods bring you glory and protect  you from the horrors of bat nipples.

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