Mutant Football League

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A long long time ago when I was a little savior I got a game called Mutant League Football. No clue why my parents bought me this, hell it may have been my brothers. So we popped this weird game in, and started to play. WTF were we playing. This dude exploded. My brother passes down the sideline, makes it passed the first down marker. Runs out of bounds to avoid another big hit aaand this guy flys out into space. What..the hell is this.  People are dying, landmines are exploding out of bounds is no longer safe that ref got bribed and needs to die. And this is before half time. The halftime show is you throwing exploding footballs at the marching band and yes if you kill them all you are greeted with the words “New Band Tryouts Monday.” Now many of you may have played this, others may be curious and want to play this. Well if you have a Sega Genesis you can probably find it, or there is Mutant Football League.

Mutant Football League is the spiritual successor to Mutant League Football, tho admittedly more adult to match the times. The addition of full voice ability has added some rather interesting and colorful commentary that is hilarious but crude, it also happens to be the guy from the classic NBA Jam. The game play is simplistic yet fun and the graphics while not AAA level are still nice. The strategy doesn’t come from the Madden style of football mechanics tho. Instead you have dirty plays that are of limited use you will need to time just right. And do you try to kill the opposing teams running backs to prevent them from running, or is their passing game so good you try to kill all their QB in hopes of forcing a forfeit? Or do you do some combination of it all? Either way for the price of $20 you can not go wrong and I encourage anyone to try it out. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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