Radius (2017)


Radius is an interesting movie. A man gets into a car accident, wakes up with no memory at all, and discovers that everything around him that comes within a certain distance of him inexplicably drops dead. Humans, birds doesn’t matter. Actually quite a few birds, P.E.T.A. must hate this movie.

The acting is pretty nice and the story has its ups and downs. It will waste no time getting into whats going on. The movie will start out right at him waking up which is a very good reason. The movie revolves around trying to figure out who he is, and why a mystery woman can be in his presence without dying.

The movie has very few twist and turns or anything surprising in it, except the ending. In retrospect probably should have seen it coming but somehow I did not. It is worth watching tho, best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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