Assassin’s Creed


“Nothing is known, but everything is permitted.”- the Assassin’s Creed.

So a bit over a decade ago, the world was taken by storm over a pretty damn imperfect game with a premise so awesome people could forget how kinda crappy the actual game was. For ages a secret feud has brewed between Assassins and Templars and in the present (or very near future, I forget which) we find a nothing, average dude named Desmond who is abducted by almighty corporation Abstergo and placed in a device called a Animus to have him relive the memories of his ancestors, because they want to find the almighty Apple of Eden.  For most of the game we play as Desmond’s ancestor, Altair during The Crusades as he has to rediscover what being an Assassin really means as he slays the corrupt…

Awesome premise right? Well yeah. The story was LITERALLY the only thing that kept me going through this. It’s intriguing. But my god this damn game repeats itself more than that one family member we all have that won’t shut he hell up. Literally, you get an assignment, travel to the target, get info on target, kill target sloppily, get out, rinse and repeat like 8 times. There is rarely such a thing as a perfect kill. Either the guy is in a crowd of annoying, obnoxious civilians- which by the way fail your mission if kill them on accident- or circumstances don’t align perfectly. Combat isn’t great and rather bland. Graphics are solid. Desmond is OK as a character but the rest of the characters are just bland, especially Altair. Also, fair warning, I had a shit ton of glitches with it on PS3 but I didn’t have internet then so maybe patches were released; another fair warning, falling in water equals instant death. One of them damn games. In the end, I personally can’t recommend it, start with 2, which does a decent job recapping it anyway without the hours of bastard glitches and repetition. May the gaming gods bring you glory and best wishes.


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