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Siege is one of those games I have seen others play, friends have tried to get me to play and I just had no real interest in. Tho this past weekend there was a free to play weekend on both Xbox and PS4, and I had nothing to lose. I decided this would be a good time spend some time on my One X and see what it was like. Graphically speaking the game looked nice. The operators all felt different and each had their own strengths and weaknesses and the weapons all felt different enough to be worth trying different ones out. The game was far from perfect, for example some walls you can shoot through but another wall that is a slightly different color but also made of wood is a no go. I know its a balance issue but until you pick up on this and start memorizing maps its pretty damn annoying.

The biggest problem siege has however is its community. It may be the most toxic and ridiculous community I have encountered outside of Grand Theft Auto 5 online but at least GTA5 has the excuse of its GTA and you are supposed to be a dick. In a couple games playing with friends in casual games people actually wanted to vote me out of the game simply because I was new. I didn’t shoot anyone on the team or anything, was simply new and inexperienced. In a ranked game this would make sense, in a casual game tho?

Which brings me to the next issue. Team killing is a very common thing. Easily in over half the games I played someone on a team killed someone on their own team. Many times its for some reason on purpose by the way. I don’t know what causes this, but its there. The game is fun, and obviously the community isn’t holding it back any. But new people trying to get in should know at times you won’t be welcomed in with opened arms by many. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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    1. It is, it can even be fun if you are lucky enough to pair up with the right random people. But there are some truly horrible people to play with im the community sadly

      1. Of course, there are much saltier gaming communities such as League of Legends. That’s why I avoid online interactions as much as possible, such as Forza Motorsport and Fifa (my free Xbox Live Gold expired so I’m waiting until I finish all single player modes(

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