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Kingdom Come Deliverance seems to be a pretty divisive game even among my close friends. The word Eurojank gets tossed around a lot as well. One friend takes great issue with the eating mechanic claiming it gets in the way, and admittedly I do wish Henry would shut up with his damn complaining about being hungry every 2 minutes when he isn’t even that hungry. There is one thing we all agree on tho, but I will get to that a little later.

To start, the game is beautiful on my Xbox One X but there is a small exception to that. Sometimes the graphics don’t quite load as fast in some spots on others and for a moment certain things won’t load in and suddenly you got a chick walking around with no head for a few seconds or suddenly a tree that wasn’t there will suddenly be there. Its nothing game breaking and at times it will be funny, but some people this will be a major issue for.

The combat is nice, it is however slow and methodical. Unlike games like Skyrim or the most action games you won’t be running in and hacking and slashing your way to a quick win, at least not often. You will be circling each other and attempting to out smart each other as you slash and stab each other. There is also no magic at all in this game.

Two things you do pretty much NEED to know, as of now the lock picking while technically possible is hard as hell. In fact I have spoken to several people who have never even managed to do it. I tried once and said screw it and stopped trying since the company has said they intend to fix it in an upcoming patch. The second thing you need to know is that you play the son of a blacksmith and as such you pretty much suck at EVERTYHING. In fact your character can not even read at the start of the game. Many of the issues people have with the game actually seems to stem from the fact that in a way this is a true RPG. You aren’t a chosen one or special really in any way. You simply are the son of a blacksmith and the game treats you as such. Many of the games characters actually talk down to you because of it.

The game is far from perfect, you can find many Youtube videos about the many glitches in the game, and there are many possible to run in to. My hours in the game didn’t have me come across any of the severe ones like floating people or people loading inside of other people,sadly because I really want to try to shoot a floating person with an arrow but hey, no luck so far.

The game is best viewed however as a medieval life simulator if you want to get the most enjoyment. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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