My thoughts: DC New 52 vs Marvel Ultimate

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Hey everyone, I’m glad to be back; I’m just going to start with a quick apology for being gone much of this month, I had some pretty deep shit fall on me but I’m back with my thoughts on the reboots.

So, for those new to comics, let me give you a quick rundown exactly what DC’s New 52 was as well as Ultimate Marvel. Both are alternate universes respectively, but more importantly fresh starts for the universes. I know many, including our very own Savior, that complain that a huge reason they don’t read comic books because of how damn confusing the can be. I mean, it is a valid point. Whereas manga, you can pick up the books labeled 1 through how many their are, but good luck doing that with comic books. Marvel came out with Ultimate first, taking there most famous properties and reinventing them for the new millennium such as X-Men, Avengers, Fantastic 4, and Spider-man. Nearly a decade later, DC came out with there New 52, which is a another reboot, albeit a more confusing reboot because of Green Lantern’s story referencing stuff from Brightest Day, and Batman never really restarting, but having a different kind of restart with the Court of Owls while characters like Shazam and Cyborg had a total reset back to there origin.

I’m not an expert on either but I have read a decent share of each. I do enjoy a majority of Ultimate Fantastic 4 and the Ultimates- the flagship series that retells the Avengers, influencing the MCU on a positive and negatively influencing the Amazing Spider-man films and the despicable Fant4stic . On the whole though, I’m not a big fan of the series however. While I enjoy what was done with Thor and Hulk, and I can accept that Captain America is much more of a action movie hero, things like Green Goblin being green Hellboy that throws fireballs, Dr Doom emerging as a goat man that lives with hippies, Carnage beginning as Peter Parker,  and Gi-ant Man being a total scumbag just pissed me off. The New 52, while sure as hell not perfect, has come out with cool stories like Aquaman, Batman, Shazam, and some Flash. I do have issues with what they did with some villains like Grodd and Black Adam and I’m not keen on turns in Green Lantern but I feel the stories themselves make up for it better. Either way, neither are bad places to start for new comers to comics. I hope this helps, best wishes, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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