Sea of Thieves Open Beta Impressions


So this weekend I played the open beta for Sea of Thieves on the Xbox one. I played for a bit with random people while drinking whiskey and discovered that the random British people I was teamed up with did not find it funny when we were being shot with cannons and I yelled “I thought you Brits knew how to use a navy.”..So yea, sorry about that my randomly assigned crew mates.

My first ship sank when the guy parked it next to the shore and a storm moved in. I don’t think it is fair to blame me. My second ship sank when the before mentioned British fellows didn’t know you needed cannon balls in your inventory to reload the cannons and we got sank to the bottom of the sea, that one was partly my fault. My third ship was me sailing a galleon alone and I slammed it into an island. Completely my fault.

My longest play time however was with a real life friend and  random guy, Charlie. We spent hours sailing the high seas, finding treasure and selling it at outpost. Finally we took to some real piracy, attacked a few ships, most of which escaped. One we boarded and sank when he was alone and had no treasure, in a move of total pettiness. Then it happened. Out in the clouds we saw a skull with glowing eyes and we felt the need to investigate. We arrived at an island with a small fort crawling with skeletons. We fought them valiantly for 20 minutes or so when a 2nd ship arrived. We died a lot but you always respawn on your ship. Unless someone shows up and sinks it. Then you go back to a neutral port and start all over again.

The game is fun, and looks beautiful. The ship combat is amazing tho the person to person combat is a bit stiff and had a tendency to glitch at times with people suddenly appearing behind you. This was a minor issue tho and one that you can easily live with. The beta itself had no real story to speak of, but the fun was in creating your own. Was that ship chasing you? Should you swing around and fire? The choice is yours, and when the game launches there is sure to be a lot of fun to be had. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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2 thoughts on “Sea of Thieves Open Beta Impressions”

  1. Is there any captivating story mode though? Because I’m sure open interactions will only result in toxic servers

    1. In the beta no just random missions to do and pirating. In the actual game, also none that I have heard of. And I agree the game screams breeding ground for toxic behavior.

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