Ice Sharks (2016)


Oh man oh man I love a good B movie, and this one starts out fantastic. Looks solid but still corny and the sound effects are nice. The acting is pretty good as well, but too to. You can still tell this isn’t an upper tier movie. As you can tell, this one takes place in the arctic a research facility. Some of their instruments start to either malfunction orĀ  the ice is melting real damn quick, they aren’t sure which it is but we know it’s the ice melting. It isn’t long before the sharks start attacking. The movie is pretty good right up until around half way when the facility sinks to the bottom of the ocean.

Seriously the sharks use their dorsal fin to cut around the center and it floats out to sea. They then use propane tanks and a blow torch to scare the sharks away damaging the little bit of ice they are on and sinking them. The movie falls apart there pretty much completely. My girlfriend stopped watching it and even I was just hoping it would end. This is a movie best avoided my friends, best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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