Look Who’s Talking Now

look whos talking now

The last of the look who’s talking movies, and in my opinion the best of the group, tho also the most odd. In the first movie, Look Who’s Talking (1989) we met Mikey and in the second, Look Who’s Talking Too we met Julie. In Look who’s talking now, we meet their dogs, and yes we will hear their side of things. Rocks ( Danny DeVito) and  Daphne (Diane Keaton) Come home when both the parents decide to be the cool parent and bring home a new family pet

Like the other look who’s talking movies, this one was predominantly met with mixed reviews by both critics and fans with what seems like younger people and parents enjoying them and others not liking them so much. The story also revolved around typical family problems where one again there is almost a divorce. The movie honestly does nothing new from the last two, they just did it better and added animals to the mix. If you enjoyed the last two you will probably like this one, if not you probably won’t like this one. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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