Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

gta vice city

I wasn’t alive for the 80’s but damn if I don’t love things that came out of it: over the top action movies and slasher films, bad hair styles, and music you love or hate that you love. Vice City screams the 80’s.

Tommy Vercetti gets screwed and has to track down who…ok, let’s be honest as friends, do people really play GTA for the story? Sure, I’m sure some do. Back then we didn’t have much massive open world games and when we bought games, they were actually whole game- imagine that, buying a video game without pay walls, DLC, or season passes. My experience, the story in GTA: Vice City is your standard crime thriller, mandatory double cross in all.

So let’s talk game play; how does it hold up a decade plus later? My opinion, about as well as it’s predecessor, Grand Theft Auto 3 . Not that great. The graphics are a step up, and there’s much more than just cars and the rare plane this time. When get motorcycles, boats, and motorcross bikes this time around and a good selection and handling for each. Hell, for one mission we get a damn tank. Yes a tank. For controversial shit, they went into F bomb territory: aw Ricardo Diaz. The biggest drawback is the gunplay is still kinda crappy. Towards the end you will get frustrated as gunplay becomes a bigger pain in the ass. It’s fun and nostalgic but it won’t rock your world. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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2 thoughts on “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City”

  1. This game is so, so nostalgic for me. I’ve played hours and hours. Even all my friends had it and we used to compare who had the best car in his garage. Also, the long list of cheatcodes!

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