Star Wars Episode 9: Princess Leia?

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When it comes to star wars there is a huge elephant in the room that nobody enjoys taking about. It’s a sad topic, it’s a morbid topic and honestly all Star Wars fans from the most casual to the older die-hard fans don’t like to think about it. What about our beloved Princess? The death of Carrie Fisher left a huge hole in both the movie franchise and our hearts and childhoods. It’s common knowledge that these movies were meant to be a send off of sorts for Han, Luke and Leia but with the unexpected passing it clearly messed up the plan. The most logical step would be to kill the character in a book or comic off-screen and tell the story in the traditional scroll.  CGI is also an option of sorts, but that has already been dismissed completely. Recasting is a far less appealing option and would surely upset the fan base. Or would it?

There is currently a petition online for a woman who played a version of Carrie Fisher in Post Cards From the Edge, and long time friend of Fishers to step in and play her so the Princess Leia character can still have her moment to shine. For those that don’t know who I am referring to, none other than Meryl Streep herself. You can read more about that and part of the petition at

Personally while I would understand the decision to recast and I can’t say I would be against Meryl Streep stepping in for her friends character to get her time I fall into the side that says to let the Princess die off-screen. For me there could be no other than The late Carrie Fisher, it just would not seem right. I would watch the movie regardless, but it just would seem odd to someone else playing the role. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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