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Hulk smashed back the terrible Hulk movie with his introductory reboot into the MCU. Following the insanely huge success of Iron Man, Incredible Hulk is the second film of the MCU.

We begin with a quick origin of Bruce Banner’s accident, this time during an experiment that was covertly meant for the government. General Ross now has a reason to want Banner as an encounter with Hulk killed people and landed his daughter, Betty in the hospital. Bruce Banner is on the run in South America, living off the grid, desperate for a cure. Working with the mysterious Mr. Blue could bring about the cure, but to complete it they must meet in person at his lab in America, forcing Banner to come out of hiding and reunite with his old flame Betty Ross. After a disastrous encounter with the the Hulk, one of Ross’s specialists wants revenge, while finding himself enthralled by the creature’s power. Ross has a solution: using a failed attempt to recreate Captain America’s super serum. But as Banner’s seemingly cures the Hulk, he discovers Mr. Blue’s true intentions which inadvertently causes the creation of the Abomination. Can Banner control the Hulk long enough to stop the Abomination?

While some hate this movie, I personally love this darker take on the Hulk. There’s a lot more action and the poetry and despair comes through without the utter pretension of Ang Lee’s. Hulk has never looked better in my opinion and though Abomination looks somewhat like a Resident Evil boss, was pretty badass. I do really like Edward Norton as Banner and William Hurt as Ross but some of the other acting can be a bit bland. In the end, Incredible Hulk is a pretty epic movie and a damn good installment of the MCU. May the gaming gods bring you glory and stay tuned for the rest of our upcoming MCU reviews.

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