Captain America: Civil War (Cap side)

cap civil war

“United we stand, divided we fall” Optimus Prime and/or Pink Floyd.

Much like our Freddy Vs Jason (Jason’s side) ( Freddie vs Jason, The Freddie side. ) reviews this Halloween, we bring you the Saviorgaming Civil War special.

After the events of the first two Avengers films and Captain America: Winter Soldier the world begins to see the Avengers in a new light after Scarlet Witch causes an accident during a mission. Things get hurt, cities get demolished and people every time they get involved. They get summoned by Gen. Ross ( Incredible Hulk ) and presented with the demand the government now regulates the Avengers. Cap is outraged, not trusting the government and there intent after Shield was infiltrated. But Tony Stark, Iron Man, of all people sides with Ross. Tensions begin to flare between the frienimies but come to a boiling point when Winter Soldier seemingly strikes again, assinating King Tachaka of Wakanda, setting prince T’Challa  to assume role of Black Panther and hunt him down. Cap has to make a choice, follow the laws of the United States and stand by his team or save his best friend from the crimes Hydra forced him to commit as the Avengers collapse and fight!

So, of the huge trifecta of superhero collaborations in 2016 ( Civil War, X-Men: Apocalypse , and Batman Vs Superman ) this is the best of the 3. The action scenes are entertaining and there is some good drama to balance. It’s a great end to the trilogy and a good start to Phase 3. The biggest flaw in the movie is the villain, Zemo, who is practically invisible to the plot…he feels a lot more like a glorified name drop. Sadly, I’m not really versed in the book as much as I want to be but I have to say I feel the movie does push the actual issue of government inferring in superheroes to the side for the Winter Soldier plot. I’m all Cap America in this situation; being a superhero means having to break rules and be strong enough to know the limit to operate yourself in.

Savior is covering the Iron Man (2008) trilogy and someday I will read the books for Civil War 1 and 2 and visit the topics again. Until next time true believer, may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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7 thoughts on “Captain America: Civil War (Cap side)”

  1. The thing that made laugh about the Civil War movie is that Iron Man is wanting to make sure that another Ultron event doesn’t happen. Which is interesting because Iron Man is the culprit behind the events taking place in the last movie. Civil War should have been the opposite where the government (aided by Captain America and the rest of the gang) are going after Iron Man.

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