Black Panther

black panther

If you caught my review of Avengers: Infinity War you would have noticed how Black Panther is the only damn movie I wasn’t able to drop a link. Sadly Panther was a casualty of our local theater closing down so I had to wait until Redbox, which pissed me off because I do love the character of Panther.

Picking up after Captain America: Civil War (Cap side) T’ Challa returns to the hidden, thriving African nation of Wakanda, where Vibranium came from. While grieving over the death of his father, he must rise to take the throne. While most are content with the quiet Prince taking the throne, some wish to bring him down, the most damning being his angry, idealistic hidden cousin, Erik Killmonger, who manages to defeat T’ Challa and set forth his plan to share Wakanda’s technology wealth with the world. Can T’ Challa save his kingdom?

As a Black Panther fan, I was pleased with the movie but it isn’t the game changer many have claimed it to be. A huge positive is the acting. Chadwick Boseman and Michael B Jordan are amazing as T’ Challa and Killmonger; Jordan’s performance many times steals the show and absolutely makes up for Fant4stic . Something I will say now, it is one of the slower movies of the MCU but it has some of the best characters and is most interestingly set. The effects for the first two acts are great but falter a bit in the last act. The story is good but I feel some of it is a bit muddled up, which isn’t totally damning, but if it’s your first comic book movie, it might confuse you. In the end, it was a pretty damn good superhero movie with some great characters and lore. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


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