Captain America Civil War (Iron Man Side)

captain america civil war

As many of you know, myself and @torstenvblog will occasionally choose sides for a sort of dual review. Some times we do it for fun where we flip a coin debate style and we take a side. Others we simply disagree. He did a great job last night with Captain America: Civil War (Cap side) and how he felt. I mean he is a complete jack ass agreeing Captain betray a friend over there, but he did a good job. I won’t bore you guys rehashing the story a second time since I will assume you either read his from last night or checked it out prior to getting this far down. No, instead I will focus on explaining why Iron Man was right.

First you got a bunch of super heroes flying around, many with damn near god like powers. Like literally Thor calls down thunder and has a flying hammer he flings around at will. Hulk occasionally snaps out and takes out the military while Iron Man accidentally invents Ultron. Yea maybe that should be watched a little bit.

It goes even further tho. Poor Black Panther and his family FINALLY leave Wakanda and what happens? A bunch of them end up dead when Scarlet witch blows up part of a  city. Who the hell does Captain hates America think he is that he should be allowed to let his team continue to wantonly murder people with incompetence?

Enter Iron Man, finally learning from past mistakes and trying to do the right thing, and yet here we are. Captain sucks at life can’t have his way, sides with a traitor and runs away. All in all tho, the movie is amazing and you can’t help but be entertained. Also enjoy the trailer below, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


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