Avengers: Infinity War

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It’s here, the climatic finale to the past decade of building inside the MCU. I’ve been seeing reviews left and right, many calling this film spectacular and some just going meh. We aren’t ruining the film epic so no spoilers here…

Picking up after Ragnarok, Thanos has seized the remnants of the Asgardian people in space and has gone slaughtering his way through them to Thor with his badass Black Order, looking for the Tesseract. Already possessing the power stone, he makes short work of them. The only survivors are Thor and a Hulk who has been sent to Earth, crashing through the Sanctum of Dr Strange while Thor ends up meeting the Guardians of the Galaxy. The Order comes to Earth, searching for the time and mind stones while Thanos confronts the Collector to retrieve the reality stone, leaving a tragic reunion to come to the soul stone. In the End, the fate of existence as we know it comes down to a enormous war in Wakanda and a distant fight against a seemingly invincible Thanos. With the odds so hugely against them, can the Avengers last against the Mad Titan?

I absolutely loved this movie and I recommend it to all. I admit it isn’t perfect, the pacing is funky and you you damn well it’s a long movie; this IS NOT a good entry point to the MCU if you never stepped in before. The movie won me great performances that are surprisingly well shared considering the huge cast list, the effects and scale are mind-blowing, the balance between comedy and drama is well done, Josh Brolin is a great villain as Thanos, and this movie has the balls to take risks. I’m sure I’ll find other knicks in the armor but I’m pretty confident and saying I’m pleased with the result. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


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  1. This movie was epic, there is just no other word for it. You are absolutely right, this is definitely not the place to pick up the Marvel franchise. Seeing all the hard work over the past 10 years in the MCU come together in this movie was just spectacular and jaw-dropping. I will say that this movie did not feel long to me at all. I watched it with my friend who had seen it before, and when the credits came up I was like “Is that it? That can not be it!” I am actually scared to watch Endgame because it is going to be quite depressing I feel.

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