Stop Spoiling Movies


As we enjoy another big movie release, and we just enjoyed another big game release with God of War I have seen another massive amount of people either spoiling these things or complaining about people spoiling it for them. Seriously I have to say. Stop it. Just stop. Now I am not saying never, if a movie has been out awhile feel free to discuss and post about it. If you run a blog or post the ending to a movie that has been out on DVD a few months or years I am not talking to you, you have done nothing wrong.

I am talking to you people who think it is funny or clever to post the ending to movies that come out that day, or even later in the week. You know, the people that blow through a game in a day then post the ending on Facebook. You aren’t funny, you are an asshole. You aren’t only spoiling the movie for fans, tens of thousands of man hours go into making these movies and games. Despite popular belief most of these people that get paid millions legitimately love what they do and want people to enjoy their work, and you are destroying that part of their job.

Don’t get me wrong, I know some people don’t mind spoilers. If your friend says hey whats the ending by all means shoot him a text and tell him. That is between you guys. But if you are the guy posting it on Facebook and spoiling the ending of a movie or game people have waited years to see, you aren’t funny. You are just a shitty human being. So just stop ruining movies and games, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Author: Savior699

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