Spider-man sequel title announced

spidey ffh tease

After Avengers: Infinity War I’ve had a lot of people ask how Spidey and Black Panther and others are getting movies still. Well, that’s the magic of comics. So a couple days ago, Tom Holland was shown with the new title of the the sequel to Spider-man: Homecoming , Spider-man: Far from Home. Obviously this can mean many a things. Will Spidey be stranded on Titan, having to find his way back to Earth? I doubt it, mainly because I’ve heard a lot of buzz of Mysterio being the next major villain we’ll being seeing as well as a lot of buzz about the story being centered around a field trip to London, if I’m not mistaken. Either way, it’s extremely early but it has been confirmed Spider-man: Far from Home will be the first movie in Phase 4 of the MCU. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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