Avengers Infinity War (2nd Opinion)

avengers 3

Well it finally happened. The new Avengers released so me and @torstenvblog planned a trip to the not quite local movie theater to see it. So with the help of a stolen ( borrowed from momma savior) car we journeyed off to see the movie. Now @torstenvblog didn’t have high hopes and truth be told while I was a bit more open-minded I expected a more solid movie I didn’t expect greatness. But how was it?

Well from the get go this doesn’t waste time getting into to. You won’t be waiting around to see Thanos or getting into the story. You will be thrown right into things, and not in a bad way. The only real draw back is that while you don’t have to see the last Thor movie or Black Panther movie for example to enjoy this one ( I did not) it truly will help and I highly recommend it. This is by no means a good spot to try to enter the MCU, but it can be done I think.

Thanos as a villain is great,I have my own theories on this one but that will be in a future post. Suffice it to say I enjoyed hating this bastard. It was also nice having a bad guy that not only wasn’t an idiot but also did things that were actually bad. He is by far my favorite villain not named Loki.

The movie isn’t perfect of course, but it was still great and Thor by far stole the show. I loved seeing Dr. Strange and and Tony Start bicker back and forth and Spidey making Alien reference this week of quite nice. Some of he CGI looked a bit off at times especially when it came to the Hulk Buster suit. @torstenvblog felt the pacing was a bet off as well but personally I enjoyed the roller coaster like ride. You can read his thoughts however for yourself . Avengers: Infinity War.

The ending is also not anything I wasn’t expecting, but they managed to do it in such a way that I didn’t care, and for me that was all that mattered. This movie should not be missed. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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