Far Cry 5 (Xbox One X)

far cry 5

Far Cry is one of those series that is notorious for certain things. For example climbing a ton of towers to reveal the map and find missions. A lot of damn towers, what feels like hundreds of towers. There is never hundreds of it them but it always feels like them. So early in Far Cry 5 I am climbing my first tower thinking ” Here we fucking go” and as I climb something unexpected happens, the game suddenly becomes self-aware and the guy makes a joke about not making me climb towers all over the county. You know what? 12 hours later I hadn’t climbed a single tower.

The story is pretty typical of the series, someone takes over some place, a guy helps free it from a madman using what can only be described as pretty much super human abilities even to he isn’t super human. This time around it’s a crazy cult leader that has taken Hope County in Montana. While it’s never truly said explicitly they seem to be taking a shot here at far right extremist in America. During one fire fight a cultist starts screaming at me about being a “snowflake” for example, and all of them are clearly insane and brainwashed. At another part a guy is using a huge cross to kinda beat a dead body, tho he may have been digging a hole. I was busy shooting him with an arrow to truly know.

Now before anyone thinks this is some sort of shot at Christians or Republicans hold on a minute. These are not Christians or Republicans. They truly are insane cultist. Everyone in the county are pretty much country folk that own guns, love god and America. There is even a priest helping you out and fighting to free Hope county.

I explain all this because I have seen a few people saying they won’t buy the game because they are clearly being political and attacking America or Christians and I have seen a few reviews say it could have been a good game but they clearly are making a political statement. None of this is true. It is simply a game that takes place in an area that would in reality have a lot of guns and religious people and would be a likely place for a cult to pop up.

Graphically the game looks beautiful on the Xbox One X and at no time did I ever experience any slow down or frame rate loss even when a lot was going on and bullets were flying. The sounds are immersive and the music very fitting. There are however  a few in-game glitches that are worth noting. For example I have experienced enemies randomly re-spawning after I kill them to attack me again numerous times. Not in the I leave the area or anything. Just drop them and they stand back up and attack. Enemies have also floated, once I even saw a car do it. Nothing game breaking but it should be noted that these things do happen. The game however is worth playing, and it has my full recommendation. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


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