5 games I Still Haven’t Beat, Yet Again.

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Awhile back I did a list of 5 games I still hadn’t beat 5 Games I Never beat, But I Need To and I figure it is about time I update the list, partly because I have accomplished  some of it. But I have also added to the list. So without further delay, 5 games I need to beat, again.

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I really could have put any of the Phantasy Star games except 4 on here honestly, but I put 2 because why not. I love the series, the story is amazing and well done. I just never get the chance to play thru the games. I always say I will get around to it, but if I am being honest with myself I probably won’t.

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Dragons Dogma is a fun game with a great story and good combat system. It is challenging and rewarding with some cool concepts. There is no reason I shouldn’t have played thru it already except that I have not, and I don’t know why.

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Romancing Saga 2, that fun JRPG that lets you plau thru the ages to tackle the forces of evil. A true classic in the series. I got nothing on this one either, this game is right up my alley and I enjoy it tremendously. But I don’t find the time to get to the end.

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I always enjoyed the Resident Evil story line, But the earlier games I could just not sit down and play. The tank controls and the idiotic puzzles just killed it for me. I always tell myself I will sit down and get myself thru it, and I know I need to do it. Some day I hope I can make it.

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Darkest Dungeon is a fun game, I never understood why people insist it is so insanely hard tho it is harder than many games. I just always get side tracked and forget about this one. That being said its a fun game with a great art style and is a joy to play.

Thats it, 5 more games I need to beat an hopefully will get around to. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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