A quick Update

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Hey everyone, as time goes by and we get new followers for the blog and every where else you are coming here from whether it be Twitter or Pinterest I figured I would make a quick post to not only thank you all for following us and making the last almost year more successful than I thought this would be, but toss everything into one spot so you can find us where ever it is you happen to do your time on the internet, so if you want to follow me or @torstenvblog on Twitter or our Facebook page you can or even my twitch page or just buy a T-shit or coffee mug ( yea you can do that) it will all be easy to find. Best wishes, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Savior Gaming on facebook

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Author: Savior699

The one and only blog for savior gaming, join us for news, reviews and opinions on all things gaming as well as potentially other projects.

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