Mr. Woodcock (2007)

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Oh Billy Bob Thornton you sick sick bastard how I love you movies. This time around Billy Bob (Mr. Woodcock) plays what can only be described as a jack ass pretty much abusive gym teacher that torments his students to the point of ruining their lives. Seann William Scott plays Farley, one of those students. Many years later Farley rights a book and is honored by the town and comes home, only to discover Mr. Woodcock (Billy Bob) is dating his mom.

The movie itself honestly isn’t exactly good, much of it is pretty much run of the mill stuff that is easy to see coming. For me it is just one of those guilty pleasure movies. I understand the story is simplistic and unoriginal. That being said Billy Bob plays the role of Mr. Woodcock amazingly. I love watching him play his usual role, he does it so well. Scott counters his role to perfection as well. The fact that he was pretty much always seen as Stiffler always saddened me.

If you like Scott and Thornton you will probably enjoy this movie, on the other hand however if not, you will probably not be into this movie. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


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