Are Mobile Game Players Gamers?

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Every so often I hear someone mention gamers and consoles or PC but then add “except mobile/cell phone games” which always leads to the discussion, do people who play cell phone games really count as gamers? Well to truly answer this question we need to ask, what is a gamer in the first place? urban dictionary describes it as any one that plays a video, computer or tabletop game while merriam-webster defines it as a player who is game OR a person who regularly plays computer or video games.

Now that we have established from two sources that a gamer is anyone playing a video or computer game, we now have to establish, are people playing mobile games in any real numbers? Well according to business insider in 2017 mobile and tablet games were expected to bring in 42% of gaming global revenues, 32% of that specifically from mobile. In comparison console being 31% is the next biggest piece of that revenue pie, narrowly losing to mobile games.

Now we have to ask ourselves, if anyone that plays a video, computer or table top game counts as a gamer why would we not count mobile games? And more importantly, who is spending billions of dollars on cell phone games if not gamers? There must be a crossover where people who own consoles and computers are buying cell phone games, but also people that down own these things are simply spending a lot of money on cell phone games. Whether it be just microtransactions for one or two games or simply buying a bunch of different games, they clearly spend as much money and play as many games as console and PC. For me the answer is obvious, if you play on console,computer, tablet or even your cell phone, you are a gamer. We all worship the same gods, and those gods are the gaming gods, and they love us all. Except RNJesus, he is a dick. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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