Don’t Bite Me Bro

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Don’t bite me bro is a game I came across while browsing the free games with my daughter the other day. Of course since we love zombie survival games like 7 Days to Die Revisted we downloaded this and played. It is 4 players couch co-op after all, so it was natural we would give this a shot.

I will say this, the game has a cool idea, an asteroid  hits the earth and turns everyone into zombies for some reason. Well not everyone, you have to rescue a few people plus you obviously are not a zombie. So the story while cool makes very little sense.

The controls the range from nice to damn near don’t work. The truck at times barely works, at times I found I could not drive in a certain direction where I had to reset the truck’s position, thankfully this is just a push of a button. Building can also be a hassle at times, placing items where you want isn’t always easy either and there are random times the game won’t even let you place items at all tho the game does not explain this to you, you just need to figure this out.

Another large issue is you will be attacked by hordes at regular intervals, but these intervals come pretty quick. This results in attempting to explore nearby and having to rush back to defend your base. This is actually really damn annoying honestly, it gets easier tho as you save more people at least since you can set them up to defend your base, which is nice of them.

The game can be fun, but has its issues. It is pretty new and hopefully with some updates it will be improved since the game does have potential. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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