Playerunknowns’s Battlegrounds (Xbox One)

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PUBG, at one point this game was huge, still is really but for various reasons it has fallen out of favor with many people. This honestly isn’t about all that, so if you are here to see me bash this game in favor of Fortnight or say how much better than Fortnight this game is, that won’t be happening. All I will say is this, while there are similarities the two games do differ in-game play. Fortnight is far less realistic than PUBG while PUBG attempts to capture a more combat sim play style. I understand the comparison to an extent but I truly do not understand why people insist on thinking people can’t like both or why someone can’t prefer one over the other.

PUBG is as we all know is a battle royale game, 100 people dropped onto a map, you search for supplies, last man standing wins. You can also play as a team with the same rules but you know, last team wins. It is a pretty fun concept but the game does suffer from issues on the Xbox, even on the One X. People regularly die before the game even finishes even rendering for example. Switching equipment can also be a chore, to the point that hiding is almost a requirement, at least for newer players, and this can result in your untimely death. There also is no real tutorial mode which while not a huge issue, also doesn’t tell you much about the control scheme which takes some getting used to.

That being said, the game is in early access which gives it some space for improvement, and the game has been getting pretty regular improvements. Nothing amazing and still has a long way to go, and I doubt most people will care to wait around for it. Personally I doubt I will play long-term myself. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


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