E3 Sony Prediction

With E3 coming and Sony recently saying the PlayStation 4 was coming to end of its life cycle it occurred to me how I would play this years E3 event. See on top of the admitting this is the end of the PlayStation 4 life cycle they also took the time to specifically tell everyone there would be no new hardware. This seems like a very odd choice of events, tell everyone no new hardware then point out it’s the end of a life cycle for your console at the same time system sales are slowing down? See this is simple math really, there is only so many people in the world that want to buy a system and the PS4 is reaching the point that all the people who want one, have one. I know this, the people reading this know that, and Sony knows this.

This brings me to what I think Sony will do at E3 this year. Picture this, new games, and new exclusives.  Maybe some Bloodborne 2 or Last of us 2. Some games that will really bring out the last few people who will buy the console and push some sales. And as the show ends and goes dark we get our first sight of what will be the official PlayStation 5 logo.

To me this will probably be the last E3 that we only see PS4 games with next year being about the PS5 before its launch in the 2019 holiday season. That however is just my opinion, best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Author: Savior699

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