H1N1 PlayStation 4


This week H1N1 battle royale finally came to PS4, of course this for many was far to little far to late especially with the juggernaut that is Fortnight already there. However I do believe there is room for multiple similar games if they are different enough, but are they?

Simply put, they are quite a bit different. H1N1 has no building mechanic and there are vehicles to make traveling easier. The rounds also seem to happen much quicker with the gas falling much quicker. I do have some complaints however.

For starters, you don’t really pick where you drop in which kills a large part of the strategy in my opinion. This however is only the tip of the WTF iceberg. The controls feel like something from the early PS3 era, and this goes double for the driving. The graphics are also nothing special.

That all being said, the game is quite a bit of fun, and if you are into battle royale games it is worth checking out. It is different enough from Fortnight to have its place, just know it is a bit rough around the edges. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Author: Savior699

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6 thoughts on “H1N1 PlayStation 4”

      1. Things are going quite alright! Exams have just finished so I’m working on a couple posts. I’m actually trying to finish one of them and publish them today. How are you?


      2. I am pretty good, just getting ready for the summer and working on the blog much like yourself. Really just killing time for the bee Jurassic Park game, it looks amazing.

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