Shoppe Keep (PS4)

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Shoppe Keep on the PlayStation 4 is one of those games I saw that seemed interesting but I wasn’t sure on, so I looked up some reviews and noticed there actually weren’t very many of them. The few I did find complained about some very odd things, like having to read the tutorial. Seriously am I the only on that remembers instruction booklets? They were a tutorial you had to read, at one point most tutorials were read. So I couldn’t accept that as a valid complaint. Another I saw was that the cursor speed was to quick, which you can change in-game anyway, so again another complaint that seemed odd to me. Why complain about something you have the option to easily change?

So I bought the game and read the tutorial. This doesn’t take long, maybe 10 minutes. The cursor speed really is to damn quick, but that is a simple matter of pausing the game and changing it. The game itself is quite simple, set up a shop, buy supplies like potions, wait for some adventurers to come and buy them, and repeat. As you gain more money and the days go buy better items and sell them for a bigger profit. As you gain levels you can unlock new abilities to make people steal less or unlock new heroes to come in and shop.

You also have to set your own prices, but be careful, set them too high and people either won’t buy or they will just steal them. 4 of my first 7 just stole stuff and ran. You can chase them down and kill them to get your stuff back tho, but I got the hang of that after losing a lot of money in merchandise.

The game is interesting but has its faults, the graphics aren’t bad and it doesn’t explain certain things to well, like how to get rid of dead bodies, which you can sweep away with a broom weirdly. The game also gets very repetitive so unless you are into sim games, probably won’t like this one very much. It is a fun little game tho, best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


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