Sega Genesis Classics

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Spent some time playing this one, and many of the games. So I decided rather than try to stuff every game in here I would just review the games I play over time and just give you all a general idea of how this thing is as a bundle. First check here for a list of games. Sadly there are a few missing, like Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles oddly.n Also columns 2 isn’t there but 1 and 3 are, the reason for this is weirdly 2 was not on the console.

The games are amazingly emulated, and have never looked better, if you want. You have multiple options here. For the purist you can make them look damn near like the original release. For those looking for something looking more smooth, this has you covered. Sega has truly gone pretty far to make these seem as close to a remaster as possible without them actually being a remaster. I can honestly say the Phantasy Star series has never looked or felt better. At least not in America and legally. I am sure someone is going to bring up the PlayStation 2 versions that weren’t released here, I am still upset they are unavailable to me as I have never found a way to play them in English.

Any way, on to what I was saying, I have seen a few people complain about input lag, however I have not experienced this in any game I have played. Another cool feature is the ability to rewind and fast forward the game. Suck at Golden Axe and make silly mistakes? Rewind that badly timed jump or ill-advised jumping attack. Seriously, that is a thing you can do and you can rewind a decent amount of time. You can beat half the games on the list if you don’t mind being what comes off as a bit dishonest.

The game selection however is great and have never looked better, any fan of retro gaming should have no fear picking this one up. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Author: Savior699

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8 thoughts on “Sega Genesis Classics”

    1. Thanks but that would be highly inappropriate. I already have far to many women in my life and I am saving myself for the hottie that lives downstairs from me, but she won’t give me the time of day lol


      1. See thats what i like about this collection, i can have them look like the original release or I can make them look a bit more modern and smooth. I like having that option.


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