Two Point Hospital (preview)

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Here we are, Two Point Hospital, another spiritual successor to Theme Hospital. Theme Hospital was much like theme park, a wacky simulation game where you ran a business. This time you treated weird illnesses from guys that walked around dressed like Elvis to bloated heads which by the way you popped with a needled and then blew back up like a ball. So how similar is Two Point Hospital?

That is about 10 minutes of game play, there is a guy walking around with a light-bulb as a head. No he doesn’t have a good idea, that is what he is there to get cured. Unlike Project Hospital which also looks amazing this one takes a more silly route than the more serious sim route. Both look great and honestly I fully indent to get both. There is plenty of room for both, but I actually think we will see Two Point Hospital on console. Nothing has been said or even hinted at for this, but it is backed by Sega and theme hospital was an original PlayStation game so if that happens remember I called it. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Author: Savior699

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