State of Decay 2


This is one of those games I want to trash and praise at the same time, graphically it looks good but isn’t amazing and the game play is simply fun. You build a community of survivors while you find supplies, usual stuff. Search houses and warehouses and stuff, find food, gas for cars and generators, medicine. Nothing ground breaking but fun. The controls work nice, sort of.

I say sort of because damn these glitches are seriously a pain in the ass. Stuff disappears and reappears at will, you get stuck places, zombies will punch doors that don’t exist then suddenly do. The game has gotten better with updates, but honestly it is so damn frustrating to play at times. I don’t even bother with the online features most of the time. after all the issues. The game is fun, one example is early on one of my neighbors Mark and his friend Tom needed my help getting some medicine back. So I decided to help, and as we get them back these to robbers open fire. As they die I take this chance to put a bullet in the back of Marks head. I report Marks demise back to Tom, but I tell him the other guys killed Mark and offer to let him join my community. Not wanting to be left alone he takes me up on that. I now how Tom, their meds and a bunch of supplies.

This may seem pretty dishonest, but I thought it was whats best for my group. These are the types of decisions you can make, tho I am not sure you are  SUPPOSED to make. The best way tho to experience this game however is through game pass, until this game is fixed tho I can’t recommend buying this one. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Author: Savior699

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