Three New Gears of War Games

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Rather than drag this out into 3 post I am just going to give you the short and sweet here. This week we got told of not one or 2 but THREE new gears of war games coming. The first we got Gears Pop. It is a funko themed  mobile game based off the pop figures. No that isn’t a joke.

download (4)

Second and my favorite of the group, is a Gears of War tactics game that predates all the others by about 12 years. Not much is known really except it is a turn based tactics game similar to Final Fantasy Tactics or Xcom and will be exclusive to PC.

download (5)

Last but not least, and the most expected, is Gears of War 5 which they revealed with a trailer which will as always be below. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


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