Survive! Mr. Cube Review

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First I would like to say thank you to Intragames for sending us a copy of this game to review, it was very generous of them to do and also quite unexpected. It is a game clearly made with love and has an interesting concept, but many games can make that claim. The real question is, how does this one compare?

Well the story itself is very basic, which is actually a good thing. You will get an opening story scene which is nice and then you are set free to survive as long as you possibly can in this rogue like game. This is where the game shines, while it sounds bad to say every time you die you start over this is where the fun is. You will keep your money and get the chance to shop and even get a free item.

The reason restarting is so much fun is you will be randomly given a new character. I do mean randomly, you will wake up back at the camp fire and may have an axe or sword maybe a mage or just a shield and your character will look different. I never got the same character twice, and I tried. I spent about 5-10 minutes just getting killed by the first enemy I saw. The weapons all feel very different, the spear has a great thrusting attack, the sword a slash and the axe an interesting spinning attack. The mace however I struggled with its smash attack, it is very strong tho.

The controls mostly work off the left and right thumb-stick on the PS4, left moves you the right attacks. The movement of the left stick works great, the attack on the right is a hit or miss. most weapons this works great. A couple however like the mace it felt a bit off, trying to hit enemies was a but rough at times. It is 100% doable by the way, it is in no way broken and I don’t advise against using it. Just be aware it will take some practice and you still may have a few issues.

So what does all this mean to you the consumer? Should you buy it? Well I will split this up for you. I know some of you are trophy hunters, and you will buy a game specifically for a quick platinum if it’s for the right price. For you guys, this is a must buy. Seriously today is the day. The price of $14.99 for a fun game and an easy platinum. I got it playing this for the review in maybe 1-2 hours and I wasn’t even done playing. So for you trophy hunters, this is a must buy.

Now for the people who don’t care about trophies. The game isn’t perfect but the issues, the repetitive music for example. But at its price point the graphics are nice, the game is fun, the trophies are easy to get and it has a nice amount of replay ability. You can sit down and play it for 20 minutes or 3 hours and get the same amount of enjoyment. For me this is an easy recommendation to buy.  If I had to toss a number value on it,  7.5 out of 10. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.



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