Just Friends (2005)


Oh Ryan Reynolds, you wily bastard. This dude pretty much always makes me laugh, and just friends is no different. From him starting out as a nerdy fat kid that can barely talk to his best friend and woman he loves to player that warns a friend that once you enter the friend zone you become a total non sexual object, like a lamp. He plays his role perfectly.

After being humiliated and swearing to become someone, and a pop star accidentally setting a fire and grounding a plane in his home town in New Jersey he must spend a night at home where he hasn’t been since. Of course we have the usual runs into girl, tries to date girl, things go bad, hilarity ensues. It is a rom-com, we know the routine. There isn’t anything new here, and honestly do we every expect there to be? The movie is funny and the story good but it is cliché. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Author: Savior699

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