Hearthstone Review

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I don’t normally play PC games but lately a few friends have busted my balls into trying a few, including Hearthstone. So I gave it a shot. Deceptively simple. Insanely fun is quite accurate. First few rounds were very easy, and this made sense since it was the tutorial. As we move on it got a bit more difficult. No big deal tho, it was simple to learn. I grew up playing various card games so picking this up was easy. It however didn’t take long for me to get my rear end handed to me. The game won’t hold your hand for long, so when you get over-confident it will knock you down. The game is easy to learn, but not easy to master.

At the end of the day tho, it is still a card game and honestly if you have some money to sink into it, you will have a slight advantage. It is hard to say it is pay to win tho since having the right cards and knowing when and how to use them are very different. I lost a few games I should have won, and I won my share of games I should have lost.

Hearthstone is a fun game and I do wish I played it sooner. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Author: Savior699

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