The Lost Child (PS4)

The Lost Child Title

Ok everyone, first I would like to say a HUGE thank you to NIS America for sending us a review copy.  It is always an honor to be chosen to receive one. I like to say thanks up before we get this review started.

Now back to The Lost child, the entire reason you are here. The story is simple in some ways. You are a journalist for an occultist magazine working on a story about a woman about some mysterious deaths in a subway. Suicides to be exact, while investigating these deaths you find yourself on what will become a wild ride as you meet an angel and are chosen to go on a mission from God. And yes, I do mean a literal angel and actually god. I won’t go too deep into the story, but it wont take long for this story to branch from being a simple Angel leading you to fight demons and fallen angels and capturing them using a weapon known as a Gangour to turn them into allies and becoming an all out battle with evil deities and so much more. You will question Heaven and Hell and everything between at times. The story alone is worth checking this out.

The visuals are beautifully crafted with both battles and exploration taking place in a first person art style, here is an example of the combat system.

Lost Child battle

The turn based combat functions amazingly, at no point did I feel winning or losing was a matter of anything other than my own personal skill and preparation. There are over 100 astrals you can choose and well over 200 moves to learn and customize your astrals with, and they pretty much are all viable for some sort of use whether it be helping unlock chest that are locked with traps, buffing your characters, healing or attacking.

The sound is another area the game is solid,with each area sounding great. I don’t have a lot to add here except I know many of you like to choose between the English or Japanese voices in your games when they come west, and for you I have some great news. That is an option for you. You not only will be given the option at the start but the in-game option menu will also let you choose.

The game is not perfect, but let’s be honest no game is. The Lost Child doesn’t reinvent the wheel as they say. At its core this is still a turn based RPG, and while I LOVE them and this game, and even the first person art style many people don’t. I understand this and I am 100% sure NIS America does. This game isn’t for everyone. If you aren’t a fan of the genre this game probably won’t be the game that wins you over. Many of the NPC characters are pretty bland characters and are very forgettable. In fact I’m not even sure if many of them are the same person in different spots or if they are just the same people moving around the area, and they have names like “nerd” and “maid” This isn’t to say they were lazy, far from. This is actually pretty par for the course in the genre and some of you may not like it. However fans of the genre expect this.

However we now come to why you are all here, should you buy this? wait for a sale? or just exorcise this demon back to the depths of hell? Honestly the answer is simple. This is a solid 8/10. And I honestly will probably never give a game a 10 on this page because that implies a level close to perfection I don’t think exist in gaming.I happily recommend buying this one. I will put a small asterisk on my buy recommendation tho. That only goes for fans of Japanese RPG’s. Everyone else is going to want to watch a few videos or streams and proceed with cation. This is an amazing game, but it is also made for a certain fan base.

Lost Child Characters


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