Super Smash Brothers (Switch)


Admittedly I am not a huge fan of this series, and I think it’s because the fan base annoys me to no end. The game is fun but I have spent years listening to fans claim it was the greatest fighting game of all time while simultaneously listening to them slam each iteration for any number of reasons from the characters to the controls, the lack of Gamecube controller. You name it there was always something. The game is however fun and unpredictable.

I won’t bother the usual showing you guys the video from E3 tho, by now either you have seen it, or you won’t bother watching it because it is long as hell. So I will just touch some of the highlights that I thought were impressive. First, they are all here. Every character that has ever been in the game as DLC or just part of the game is now a playable character, and so is Ridley. This is amazing and something fans have been wanting, and yes there are new characters as well.

Another great thing fans have been crying for, and I do mean crying, is they can now use a Gamecube controller. That can now also be checked of their wishlist, and honestly I don’t think people realize the significance of this. I doubt they gave smash fans an entire controller for themselves. I think we will now see Gamecube games on the Switch. Just my thoughts. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Author: Savior699

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