Jurassic Park Evolution Review


See that sleeping T-Rex? That is my first T-Rex, Rexy. Cute lil guy isn’t he? He decided to go for a walk because he didn’t like his specially made area and eat people. So I make him take a nap, took a picture and put him back. He was apparently really pissed off about the lack of trees in his fenced in area. So I put more trees in there and woke him up. He busted out again and ate more people. Now he was mad about way to many trees. This happened 2 more times before I sold Rexy. I don’t know who the hell I sold him to, but I sold him.

This is the kind of thing that happens, Dinos break out occasionally and kill your guest for weird reasons. It was actually part of the fun. All the dinosaurs look amazing and go about their days and have things they like and dislike, and if they are unhappy long enough they break out. I still haven’t kept a T-Rex happy enough to stay in his cage. The game is a blast but has plenty of issues. For example until you create one of these beast you really have no way of knowing what it wants in its pen.

There also isn’t much of a way of knowing what it will or won’t live with or how many it wants in its pack. For example some carnivores want a few to play with. Others simply want to live alone or don’t have a preference. Some herbivores will panic and try to escape almost immediately without others of its kind around. Some species also simply don’t get along, raptors for example seem to hate everything.

I also have no idea why if you help 1 of the 3 factions more than the other ( security, entertainment or science) the other 2 might start sabotaging you by giving dinosaurs random illnesses or shutting off your power. It makes very little sense that people who work in your park for you and will die themselves would sabotage their own stuff.

Minor issues aside the game is a lot of fun, tho I do wish I had the option to run the sandbox island with the money on or off. It’s cool to just build whatever I want however I want,but for me part of the fun is setting up a successful part, and with unlimited funding that is pretty much kills that possibility. Is the game worth buying tho? Well yes and no. If you love sim and business management games, this is a fun game that fills a spot like nothing else. It will also appeal to dinosaur and Jurassic Park fans. For most people however, definitely wait for a sale. A solid 7.5 our of 10. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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