Death Stranding


A game From Hideo Kojimo that for the longest time nobody knew anything about, and at E3 we finally got some game play from and now we know, basically still not much about. But Norman Reedus carries a baby around. There is a video that I will of course share later. The game play is a bit weird, a lot of time walking as a delivery guy avoiding something. Kinda looks like hand prints forming in the ground fast forwarding time. Look its Kojimo, there is going to be some weird and awesome shit.

The weirdest part tho, is that character seem to be some how immortal unless these invisible creatures kill them. The babies that are carried around in the jars seem to act as some sort of sensor system, which is quite interesting in itself but the real question for me is this. Can I weaponize this baby? Seriously that is the whole reason I want to play this game, to see if I can weaponize a baby. So enjoy the video and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Author: Savior699

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