Resident Evil 2 Remake

resident evil 2 remake

This is one of those series me and @torstenvblog disagree one. We both agree the stories are great and the series iconic, but we have had more than one argument over this aspect. The early games in the series actually sucked. There are 2 viewpoints on this one, those that know they sucked, and those that are wrong. Don’t get me wrong, the stories were great and the defined a genre, but the controls even at the time were garbage. The visuals were never that good and don’t even get me started on how nonsensical the puzzles were. You trekked all over the damn mansion, or in the case of 2 the police station, doing stuff like finding lighters or arrow heads in places they would never be to solve puzzles in places that made no sense that nobody in their right mind would have figured out. It’s why the first play though of the games took 20 hours and the 2nd took 3.

So why did everyone put up with it and have such fine memories of it? Well honestly they were freaky as hell and the stories were absolutely amazing. We all wanted to see what the hell Umbrella corp was going to do next. So when this rumor started years ago and was confirmed we all got excited. Except @torstenvblog because he is a purist and got all pissy about them changing the game play. Then E3 happened, and now even he knows this is about to be amazing. So I shall leave the video below, let me know what you think and if you fall into the group that is right or wrong. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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