Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed


Of all the Mario Kart clones out there, this one was one of my favorites. Its pretty simple and straight forward. Take a bunch Sonic and Sega characters, toss them in karts that occasionally become boats or planes, toss them on tracks and away you go. You get a nice amount of people to choose from, nothing really all that surprising tho.

The tracks are pretty varied as are the power ups, they are all pretty standard tho, things that speed you up or hit your fellow racers like bombs or blow fish. One lets you go “all-star” that basically makes you go faster and not let you get hit. There is also one that will out a big catchers glove behind you to catch weapons used against you for you to then use yourself.

The game however is blatantly a Mario Kart clone. If you are familiar with Mario Kart,you have pretty much seen everything this game has to offer except it isn’t done as well. The only thing new here is the transforming and that is really just a gimmick to make it different, and it many times comes across that way. Its one lap here or there on a board to change a track after you get used to it and that’s it. The game is fun and worth buying, but it isn’t as good as what it is clearly copying.


Author: Savior699

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