The Order: 1886

order 1886

I know what you maybe thinking, why the hell am I talking about one of the PS4’s original launch games. I’ve never seen a review that called 1886 a masterpiece; mainly every review I’ve seen for this game says it was a huge disappointment. I wanted to play it as long as its been out, and because I found it on a huge sale, I had my chance. Well, I only wasted 4 bucks…We follow a secret order descended from King Arthur’s court going through England in 1886 with their steampunk weapons fighting werewolves and keeping the peace.

First and foremost, the game looks and sounds great. Good thing too, because you will be doing a lot of walking around and looking at random items you find. Primarily the game is a third person cover shooter with a lot of QTEs thrown in. 3 chapters in I found myself getting pretty pissed at the monotony of the chapters. I got to fight  the werewolves which was pretty lame; there A.I is pretty dimwitted. I noticed after they attack, they go right back to the original position and attack again. I can’t call this game truly terrible, but 3 chapters in I’m starting to believe the other reviews. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


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