Metal Gear Survive


I was real late to the party on Metal Gear Survive. I heard a LOT of stuff on this game by the way, pretty much none of it good. Then I got to play this game when it was free to play on Xbox recently.  The real question is, was the game actually bad?

Well to start the game actually looks really good on my One X. The controls also work really well. This is short and to the point on what I like, because quite honestly I am about to crap all over this game, just like most other people.

First, the story is ridiculous. The game basically starts as an alternate reality after a certain point then you create a character that is dead then you are basically tossed into an alternate dimension. The dimension is pretty much a point that sucks in stuff from a bunch of dimensions. This is where you will try to survive, as your hunger and thirst drain way to fast to the point it kills pretty much any fun I might have had with the game.

The wanderers used to be human, and apparently have occasionally ended up in our world. They were of course transformed by some sort of disease. Your job while survive is to track down old computer information to figure all this out. Now I know much of this information is quite vague and some isn’t quite accurate, mostly because I would still like for you guys to still be able to play it yourselves. I wouldn’t suggest playing this train wreck, because even for free I felt robbed.

The combat by the way, is not fun. After about 20 minutes of an intro where you don’t even control anything you get a gun, which you lose a few minutes later, you then get a make shift pipe spear. This thing is pretty annoying to use and it is your for the foreseeable future. Hunting food with it is a chore since most things are as fast or faster than you or dives thru you to attack you. Setting up fences helps, but that requires resources and time, which is also making your food and thirst gauges drain.

At no point did I have any fun with this game, and I wanted to. In fact the potential for me was there, the concept is sound and could have been fun. It just isn’t, and may actually be the worst AAA title I have played this year, best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Author: Savior699

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